Partnership Agreement Template Nova Scotia

4. This section does not apply to a single limited partnership. R.S., about 335, 9; 2002, about 37, 9. (7) If the name of a single limited partnership is changed, the clerk may issue another registration certificate reflecting the change. 7B (1) No partner or partnership can support the partnership, even after the cancellation or revocation of its registration certificate as a Nova Scotia LLP or as an extra-provincial LLP. on……………….. (give the road and number, if any, and the names of the city or city and county) for profit, and I am not bound in partnership with another person, but use as my style in conjunction with the name or the following name: Without a written partnership agreement, the applicable partnership law will come into effect and it can be very difficult or expensive to resolve or process the an unexpected termination of your partnership. 3 (1) No one may, as a partner of the province, perform all or part of any of the purposes or purposes of the partnership or, as a partner, perform an act, act or act as a partner, unless the partnership has a certificate issued by the clerk as an etenttmate below and unless the registration act is in effect. 9 (1) When a change in partnership affiliation is made, a new declaration is filed, in which this amendment is mentioned and signed by all members of the partnership as formed as a result of the amendment and, if the name of the partnership is changed, another registration certificate is issued accordingly. or a society that is not entitled to society, including society, or that looks almost the same as it must be calculated to deceive, except in a case where such a social or social society is in the process of being dissolved and gives its consent in the manner required by the clerk, unless that subsection applies to a partnership that occurs under the name or name of one or more of the partners. 16 .1. If a company holding a registration certificate does not meet any of the requirements of this Act, or if it executes a declaration of dissolution and files or requests that its registration certificate be revoked, the clerk may revoke the registration certificate and publish such a revocation to the Royal Official Journal. A company name must be registered if the partnership operates under a different name than that of its partners.

A partnership is subject to the same penalties for non-registration as for an individual company. 21.1. It is not considered to be a full or partial performance of any of the purposes or objects of a partnership within the meaning of this Act where a partnership only accepts or sells orders for or for the purchase or sale of goods, goods or goods by travellers or by mail, but does not have a traveller, representative or representative residing in the province or has no office or warehouse in the province for any or that part of the purpose or purpose of the partnership.