State Of Alaska Telework Agreement

You should work with your telecommuting staff to set a regular check-in schedule, whether daily, weekly or several times during the week. In addition, you should be aware that telework agreements need to be reviewed every year. Employees receive a renewal notification from DOI 30 days before their telework contract expires. If staff do not renew the telework contract or if the contract is not approved by administrative officials, employees receive an email generated by the system seven days before the telework agreement expires. If staff do not have an approved telework contract within one year, staff receive an additional warning to launch a telework agreement. When the one-year mark expires, employees will only be able to telework when an approved telework agreement has been reached through the Microsoft Office 365 Telework Agreement Form. -DOA is proposing this week to nan superiors how to manage teleworkers. Employees who receive a renewal notice should speak with their supervisor and confirm that the details of the telework agreement are current. When employees request a central telework agreement (i.e. telework on a periodic and planned basis), they must certify with their supervisor that the co-worker has not changed. A concordant administration official is the official direction of review and approval of applications for basic telework agreements from second-level staff. In general, the matching administrator will be the line manager of a second-level staff member. Superiors with thinkers seeking central telework agreements must inform the concurring administrators of the names of staff members who request basic telework agreements and details before approving agreements.

As a reference, you`ll find here the updated resource guide for staff encode telework hours in QuickTime during the COVID-19 pandemic. This document is also recorded on the staff page of the SharePoint site of the covid-19 division. Please note that with the release of COVID-19, protecting the health and safety of workers through telework (as far as this directive allows) is a top priority. The SOA recognizes that employees may be dependent at home while staff have telework. Line managers should document the results and outcomes expected by employees, whether dependants are at home or the employee is required to provide care to intermittent dependants. We have many more teleworkers today than we have in the past. That`s why we wanted to share with you the following guide, “How to Initiate a Telework Agreement” (Guide is available under @theCore A-Z Index under Telework Agreement, Guide). -Supervisory authorities are urged to develop situation-related telework agreements/expectations with all workers who do not currently have signed telework agreements and who, under COVID-19, are required to work remotely over a long period of time. If your teleworker is injured while working at home, it should be reported according to the same procedures, as if it had been violated on state property.

After confirming the details of the telework agreement with their superiors, employees should use the link of the telework agreement renewal email to request a telework agreement. Once they have submitted the telework agreement, they receive an email confirmation informing them that the agreement has been sent to the supervisor for verification. The supervisor then receives an e-mail generated by the system, along with the details of the telework agreement. Monitoring should check the details before approving or denying them. If the superior disputes this, the supervisor is required to indicate the reason for the case.