Xfinity One Year Agreement Reddit

So I`m here, since my contract ends, I call to ask for the 1 year extension previously offered/ $35 for the same Internet-TV online, but the representative told me that he was not able to do so. When I told him that the previous representative had promised me a one-year extension, he said that the previous representative lied (last month) so that I would not cancel at the time. So I had no choice but to tell the representative that he was going to stop my service next Monday, because I cannot afford $45.99 a month. My 1 year new client action is underway on Monday 23rd. My current plan is the HSD 55 performance for $29.99 in California. Last month, I called the Detention Centre and they were able to offer me 35 dollars for the same Internet TV. I wasn`t interested at the time, they could also verbally offer me a one-year extension of my current promo, but I thought to call back later, as it would trigger an early termination fee. I am shocked by what the representative told me that the former representative lied to me. It`s true? What can I do?.